Guest Speakers: The Watershed Project

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Richmond High School Interns have participated in Martin Luther King Jr. day at the Richmond Greenway for over 3 years. Every year The Watershed Project comes to visit our meetings to help us prepare for our day of action!

Environmental educators Liza and Jeannies came to visit on Monday, January 11th to train us on how to educate community members about marine debris and watersheds using the watershed model in addition to providing training for planting and mulching work we were going to complete.

“Two skills that I learned from Liza and Jeannies during our last meeting were how to efficiently give your audience all the information that you need to while making it fun for yourself and also how to be confident in what you are saying. Their visit helped me prepare for MLK day because it provided all the resources I needed to be successful at MLK day. What was exciting for me about the event was getting to educate not only children but also some adults on how water goes through a city. ” – Valeria Rocha

“During Liza and Jeannies’ visit on Mondays meeting I learned to engage the children in the presentation of the watershed model by asking them questions or relate to them to give a successful presentation. They also taught us to kinda go with the punches and if the children do touch the model then just gently remind them to not touch, but that a good way to avoid this is for us to interact with them so they don’t play rough with the model. For example, have them paint with the markers where potential pollution might be and to point to things they might recognize. Her visit helped me prepare for MLK Day because it allowed me the opportunity to practice the presentation of the model. I got to practice my presentation skills. I am looking forward to MLK day.” – Patricia Tovar

Thank you Liza and Jeannies for visiting our meeting!

  • This post was written by Valeria Rocha and Patricia Tovar
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