Interns connect people to nature with trail work!

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On Sunday, Feb 26th interns partnered up with Friends of Sausal Creek (FOSC) for a Trail Crew work day. Joined by over 20 community members, interns worked on repairing and restoring the trails of Dimond Creek Park by widening the trail, removing invasive’s, leveling ground, and more.

Interns experienced many firsts such as; scaling a wooden blank to get over the creek, trying the native minors lettuce, seeing poison oak, holding a salamander and much more!

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Interns learned about how protecting the creek is essential for its well-being and the well-being of the creatures that depend on it, like the Steelhead/Rainbow Trout. Interns will be conducting pre/post surveys in this same area for FOSC so it was a great opportunity to get familiar with the scene!

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Overall, interns enjoyed their time outdoors doing something completely new! It was another great reminder of how much you can get done in a team setting, as well as how great it feels to just get your hands dirty! Keep our trails beautiful is how we can continue to connect our community with their nextdoor nature, fostering a relationship and personal responsibility to take pride and take care of our environment.


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