Interns Conquer Chaparral Trail At Black Diamond Regional Park

EarthTeam Black Diamond Park
Interns pose together on a hill vista in Black Diamond Mines Regional Park.

On May 4th, Antioch High EarthTeam Interns celebrated an almost complete internship program with a hike in Black Diamond Mines Regional Park. Eleven interns and one student volunteer gathered water and snacks and set out on The Chaparral Trail, a small trail loop that climbs a small hill to a vista point, then turns back downhill for the remaining half of the distance.

EarthTeam Black Diamond Park
Students hiking through a manzanita grove.

Students observed small rodents in the park, including ground squirrels. There were also wildflowers in bloom. Interns learned the name of the trees with smooth dark red bark that lined much of the trail, the manzanita.

Next week will the intern’s last meeting. At their final meeting they will reflect on the many things they have learned and accomplished together as EarthTeam interns.


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