Interns get ready for Tree planting at Oyster Bay!


Last meeting interns got a visit from Pamela Beitz, Resource Analysts for East Bay Regional Parks. This Saturday, interns will be planting 40 Native Tree Species at Oyster Bay, a recreational area owned by the East Bay Regional Park system that used to be used as a landfill.


Pam shared with the students the history of the park and how it came to be, as well as gave visual diagrams for how to properly plant a 15-gallon tree.  Interns will be  adding to the new amenities the park has to offer, adding structure and obstacles to the new disc golf course coming soon!

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Interns have been working long and hard on their developing City Danger Board Game, breaking into groups and creating the graphics and design for the downloadable educational game.


We plan to share the game with at least 10 classes at SLZ High School, seeking feedback and recommendations and making changes as needed. Our team is excited to share the project, and we are looking forward to engaging our peers to think about how we all can live more sustainably!

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