Interns kick off 2nd Semester with Litter Walk through the streets of Oakland!


On January 4th, Oakland High interns joined together again after a much needed winter break. The meeting started with high’s from the time off, a comical discussion of where the mid-semester stipends went to, and a discussion on the day’s main outcomes.

OUTCOME 1: Collect data at various locations, implement solutions to address a specific litter issue, and evaluate successes.

OUTCOME 2: Lead activities and events with the community that raise awareness about the impacts waste has on our environment.

During meeting interns went on a Litter Walk, picking up litter and tracking it with NOAA’s Marine Debris Tracker App. The specific route that was taken is one of the proposed routes for our upcoming LITTER MARCH, coming soon in March of 2017. The LITTER MARCH will be a big day where interns, students, and community members join together to bring awareness about the impacts litter has on our environment.


In addition to picking up litter, interns walked through the streets of Oakland keeping in mind the three main criteria for the perfect route.

1. Is this route a safe walking area for a group? 

2. Does the route have good visibility/is it heavily trafficked? 

3. Does this route have a lot of trash along the way? 

Minus a bit of detour caused by a wrong turn, the walk was great and it was nice to get outside (even if it was a bit rainy). We jotted down some notes and will be making a final decision on the walking route as we prepare to take on Route #2 during our next meeting!


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