Interns lead the 2nd Annual Litter March!

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The purpose of this Litter March was to raise awareness of litter and the effects it has on our environment. To plan it out, we spent a few meetings heading out to possible Litter March locations to see if the route was safe, highly visible, and acceptable for our event. The first route was up park blvd, it didn’t work out since the crossings were a bit unsafe for a large group. The second route (Josie de la Cruz) was much better. Once the route was finalized, we made flyers and brochures to let people know what it was all about and encourage them to come. We also made scripts, translated them and made posters to hold up at the event.

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Written By: Peter, Itzel, Julian, Sophie

Day Off: 

The Litter march was a very successful event. Together, we collected over 3,000+ of litter and gave a very informative presentation to more than a 100 people.

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Some challenges we have faced was a miscommunication between trash pickers and trackers because pickers did not call out the trash they have picked up to the trackers.To overcome this challenge, we ran to different groups and asked people what they have picked up.

Our favorite parts of the day include trash picking, having children inquire about what we were doing, car honking, our trash lady (Trash Lady: Brittany in a painters suit with trash stuck to her), and seeing the after effect of our clean up. We were surprised at how friendly and enthusiastic people were and it was very meaningful to inform community members of what we were trying to accomplish. Our biggest takeaway is that we are a small change that is part of a bigger movement that influences the world. We realized how much trash is in our creek and how vastly different places looked after we cleaned up the areas. We have also realized that individual work is fast but teamwork goes far.

Written By: Cai, Marie, Huong, Chuyi, Nicole, Brianna

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