Interns plant over 100 native species in Oakland!


Last week, SLZ interns took to the road to visit Friends of Sausal Creek and Oakland’s Fern Ravine outdoor trail. Interns participated in a native planting sesh, with over 100 plants planted in just a short hour! It was an amazing time outdoors, and interns were welcomed by hundreds of lady bugs and even a little salamander! Special thank you to Aubree McAtee, FOSC new Outreach and Education Coordinator for working with our students and giving us the opportunity to get out and improve our next door nature!


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On November 8th, San Lorenzo High’s interns headed over to Fern Ravine. We planted 100 native plants to not only make the park look more beautiful, but because native plants require less water and attract cute lil’ animals.

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Although planting was pretty sweet, my favorite part of the day was really enjoying the scenery. It was a nice, warm day so gazing at the sun’s reflection off of the trees really made my heart happy. As we were leaving we also saw a beautiful sunset, what else more do I need? Planting was really exciting and we made it fun through conversations and jokes. I had a total migraine that day but planting honestly made it feel better for a bit.

Written By: Jessica Ko


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