Interns prepare a survey with FOSC!

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On March 1st, we had Jill from Friends of Sausal Creek come into one of our meetings and talk to us about issues in the park and issues that many people and creatures face in our world today. We talked about fish and dogs and pets in Oakland’s very own Diamond Park and the trails and creeks in the park.

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Most importantly, we learned about how we need to keep our community updated and informed. To do this we decided we were going to do a survey in the park on the main trail. But at that point, we didn’t have any resources or questions or even a plan. So we pulled things from our group discussions and made it into a fun little activity to share with our community members.

We came up with loads of questions as a group and discussed every single one of them on how to make it better. Pretty soon we will be moving forward with these surveys and this activity and communicating with the public.

We are excited to get feedback on our surveys and see how well people know the environment and how they know to keep it healthy along with themselves and species around them. I can say I am nervous about getting in front of people and talking to them and getting them to read our surveys. But this project is important because it is spreading awareness by showing that things some of these people are doing aren’t benefitting anyone, not even themselves.

Written By: Sophie, OH Intern

Our survey will center around public knowledge of the creek, the rainbow trout that inhabit the creek, and the effects that they have on it. On the meeting we had before we met with Jill we read about the rainbow trout and the negative effects dog poop has on local flora and fauna. When we met with Jill, the Education Coordinator for FOSC, we got to go more in depth into the topics. With her help we were also able to develop several questions for the survey.

The main challenges were structuring those questions so that they weren’t too long or repetitive. Then each group shared the questions they made so that the other groups could give feedback. The purpose of the survey is to inform the public on the importance of picking up their dogs waste and keeping them on a leash when hiking.

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We will be conducting the survey in Dimond park as the creek that runs through it is inhabited by rainbow trout. The rainbow trout are considered “at risk” in the bay area in terms of conservation. Their population is threatened by habitat loss and contaminants in their water (such as chemicals from dog poop that drain into the creek). This will show people that picking up after their dog is more important than it may seem.

Written By: Julian, OH Intern

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