Interns put the FERN in Fern Ravine!

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On February 7th we took an excursion to Fern Ravine in the Oakland Hills to do some planting and beautification with Friends of Sausal Creek. Friends of Sausal Creek is an organization with the intention to restore, maintain and protect Sausal Creek. They focus on educating the community on the importance of our environment and working with other organizations to create a positive impact on the ecosystem and influence further generations to continue the work.

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As we drove down the rode and rose in elevation our visibility slowly decreased as the fog accumulated. When we arrived to fern ravine we were greeted by FOSC Outreach and Education Coordinator, Jill along with the various ferns we were prepared to plant, and some tools and gloves. The weather was ideal that day, as the cool mist ensued a tranquility and allowed me to truly be present in the moment and enjoy all the nature I was surrounded by, along with my fellow interns. We trekked our way down to the creek along the muddy path, and  Jill told us about the wetlands there and what types of species grow. When we arrived to our plot of open space we received a few instructions then began planting.

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Honestly, the most challenging part of the day for me was that we couldn’t stay and plant more. The day altogether was amazing, learning about the wetlands with all its different species, and the mini hike,  although my favorite part of the day was being able to plant. Just realizing that this simple task is a small contribution to the large task of stewardship and sustaining a diverse ecosystem is incredibly powerful to me. And although all I really did was plant a few  lady fern’s I’ve realized that collectively our collaboration with Friends of Sausal Creek and the knowledge we acquired is incredibly impactful as a we continue our lives with this awareness and action of sustainability.

Written By: Naliyah, SLZ Intern 



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