Internship Overview So Far

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With this year’s focus on Marine Debris, we decided to reflect on some of the successes and challenges of the internship. Here are what some interns have to say about their experiences as an EarthTeam intern:

“The internship has been an amazing experience so far. I’ve met some really dope people and I’ve had a chance to educate myself about my environment while contributing to it at the same time. I’m excited for the events that have been planned like the Oyster Bay restoration and the overnight camping trip at the Park. I have a great opportunity to create memories and make friends.” – Tyler

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So far we’ve done 2 events and I have learned a lot about plants that I didn’t know before. I’m more excited about learning about marine life more though. It has been a good opportunity to meet a lot of new people that I never knew. It’s helped me break out of my shell. The events get me really tired but I’m glad they are effective in helping the environment.”<span ''>– Briana

“So far I really like the internship. It was a chance to meet new people with an interest in nature. It gives me a chance to be productive and actually feel like I’m making a small change. I like how we actually go out and work on things to improve them.

This internship has been a new, fun experience. Sometimes, the work that we have to do is tiring and difficult but at the end it’s worth it. The outings we have done were tiring but it was a lot of fun and I really don’t regret joining because it gives me something to do and it’s also a positive cause that we’re doing this for. I’m really glad I joined EarthTeam.” – Brenda

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“The internship so far has been mostly bonding with our new members and getting to know each other. the field outings seem way more intense this year than last year.”  – Carissa

“In my personal opinion the internship has gone so well when I first joined I thought it was going to be ok and we would be working all but really we are having fun every day and the time flies when you have all your friends with your helping out the world.” – Daniel

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