Introducing this years 2016-2017 Interns!

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After a long recruitment process, we have finally assembled our team of leaders! We spent our first meeting playing name games, sharing interesting facts, and going over what the program is going to look like this year. San Lorenzo High is going to be apart of our first ever Green Cities Program! We are very excited to explore the new curriculum and work with these students on multiple factors that effect city sustainability. Throughout the year, students will learn and create projects related to water conservation, urban forestry, food accessibility, air quality, transportation and more!

Check out this years team below!

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My hobbies are working, laying down, watching exotic car videos and playing PS4 with my friends. I am interested in Earth Team because I want to be out more and learn more about my community.

Interesting Fact: I can eat a lot and not gain weight.

– – – – –

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This will be my first year with Earth Team. I am new to San Lorenzo and the Bay Area as a whole. I am excited to take part in this internship to improve my skills, knowledge and bettering the environment.

Interesting Fact: I hate bugs.

– – – – –

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I’m excited to join Earth Team to make new friends and change the environment with them. I like to be on my phone and be with my friends. I also like to spend time outside and explore. A

Interesting Fact: I’m usually a quiet person if you don’t know me, but when you get to know me, I’ll be there when you need something.

– – – – –

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This is my third year with Earth Team. I joined because I fell in love with the internship. During my free time, I like to research.

Interesting Fact: I once was bitten by a scorpion.

– – – – –

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I’m interested in Earth Team because I want to learn more about our environment and I’m excited to be able to meet people from other schools. I like to travel even though the farthest I’ve ever been was to Mexico.

 Interesting Fact: I love animals and french fries.

– – – – –

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This is my first year in Earth Team. I’m interested in Earth Team because it’s hands on and I’m a hands on type of person. I also heard good things about it. I enjoy working out, soccer, the environment, gardening and video games.

– – – – –

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I joined Earth Team previously in my sophomore year because I felt it was the first opportunity in my life to make a difference. Every year since then, I actually felt that I had improved my community. I like walking my dogs, watching movies, playing video games and reading.

Interesting Fact: I like eating pizza.

– – – – – 

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I joined Earth Team for the experience and to better my education. Some things I enjoy doing are eating and working out.

Interesting Fact: I like math.

– – – – –



This is my second year of Earth Team! I joined because I had a fun time last year and I have a lot of hope this year will be good. One word my friend would use to describe me is “tenacious”. In my free time you’ll probably find me painting, writing, thrift shopping, or shooting some sweet pictures.

Interesting Fact: My favorite color is mustard but mustard sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

– – – – –



This is my first year of Earth Team. I joined because I like to make a difference in my community and I like to help people. During my free time , I like to play video games and soccer.

 Interesting Fact: I had two tarantulas crawling on me at the same time.

– – – – – 



My name is Angelo and I am a sophomore.In my free time I like to walk my dog, shoot archery, talk to friends, and play video games. This is my second year of Earth Team after a pretty good first year.  I joined Earth Team to meet new people, learn more about the environment, and to add something to my resume.  I succeeded in all 3 of those goals. 

– – – – –



My name is Russell, and I decided to join Earth Team this year because also I joined last year in second semester and I personally enjoyed the time I committed to the internship. A thing to know about me is that I like to work, and take cool candids of my friends.

Interesting Fact: One thing that I think is unique about me is I feel I’m different than everyone else but have no evidence to support that.

– – – – –



I am very passionate about environmental issues and urban sustainability, I believe that the power to make a difference within the world and our communities lies within our ability to work together and outside creative solutions- which Earth Team allows us the platform for. This is my second year with Earth Team and I’m very excited for the upcoming opportunities and event of the year.

Interesting Fact: On my free time I enjoy thrift shopping, analyzing music, and hiking! Thanks for reminding me!

– – – – –



My hobbies are playing video games a running. I’m interested in working Earth team because i notice the problems in our community and wants to learn about it and fix them.

Interesting Fact: I do not know how to ride a bike or swim.

THAT COMPLETES OUT TEAM! Stayed tune for more. 


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