Last Moments of 2016 for Antioch Earth Team!

IMG_2736 2.JPGAntioch High interns finished off their first semester Earth Team internship strong by presenting to several classes about the importance of healthy watersheds, litter reduction, and our beautiful bay in December! During the same day at lunch interns hosted a recycling drive and litter guessing game to engage the entire student body. All money made from recyclables was donated to Antioch Earth Team was inspired and touched by a slam poet who advocated for this Amazon tree planting non-profit, in a moving slam poetry video. This video was shown to each class that was presented too. Earth Team encourages you to watch, and maybe just maybe donate to the cause! Video is shown below.

Interns also did their part to help native trees and other plant species in their local environment by removing highly invasive french broom from San Pablo Dam Reservoir. Interns removed over 2,500 sq. ft. from a natural area near Kennedy grove in El Sobrante. Due to their hard work native plants in that area can thrive and no longer need to compete with invasive french broom. Good job interns!IMG_2766.JPG This coming semester interns will begin hosting their own environmental events that anyone can join, keep checking back for more information!



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