LEAF at the Presidio National Park!


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On October 22nd & 23rd our Earth Team went on a camping trip to one of San Francisco’s National Forest’s campgrounds. This was the first time that all of the interns had a chance to interact and compare experiences that we have each gathered from our different themed internships.

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We had the chance to hike as a team, eat as a family, and interact as learning young adults.

       What I have walked away with from the trip is the peace of mind that not only are there others willing to improve our environment, but there are people who are committed to make it a reality. We had the chance to compare our diverse experiences within our different communities. Each individual team has a different theme and what they are focused on. Everyone had a different vision or way that they have impacted or plan on impacting the environment in a way that could change it immensely. Between the ideas, smiles, and good food, our time in the presidio was very vibrant.

Written By: Raeanna Cash, Earth Team Intern

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The Presidio Camping Trip was the first time I’ve ever been camping and it was one of the most memorable moment of my life. We hiked, played mini games, made our own food, had a campfire, watched the sunset, got to know everyone, and made our tents! I’ve never enjoyed nature as much as I did and never really appreciated or noticed nature.


My favorite part of the camping trip waste campfire. We sung campfire songs and played a number of mini games. We also had S’mores too! Additionally, we played a gamely mafia and I was the mafia. Even though I was accused for 4 rounds straight, my acting skills kicked in and I survived and won the game. Another game we played was telephone and it was super interesting as to how the word “skeleton” was turned to “pumpkin”.

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Although the trip was short, I made a ton of new friends, learned and acquired a lot of experience, and had the time of my life.

Written By: Tony Vuong, Earth Team Intern



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