Litter Assessment at Pinole Creek

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Pinole Valley High EarthTeam interns have conducted their 2nd litter assessment of Pinole Creek and Pinole Valley High this week. Litter is a major environmental issue worldwide. 70% of marine debris litter is land based and travels down storm drains, through creeks, and streams, and eventually to your beautiful SF Bay. From there litter floats into the Pacific Coast and onward. The most common type of litter is cigarette butts, and plastic. EarthTeam discovered this firsthand. Plastics and cigarette butts made the majority of the litter removed along Pinole Creek.

EarthTeam does their part to mitigate marine debris by bi-weekly conducting litter assessments. These assessments consist of removing as much litter as possible, collecting data and entering i the National Oceanic and Atmospheric (NOAA) Marine Debris Tracker App, determining where litter hotspots are and what can be done to keep littering there from happening. Anyone can use NOAA’s Marine Debris Tracker App, it is made to promote citizen science and give anyone the opportunity to make a quantitative difference towards removing debris from our marine ecosystems.  The app is available for Iphones and Androids, is user -friendly and incredibly intuitive, and will provide actual maps of areas you have collected litter. EarthTeam urges everyone to do their part to protect our Bay and oceans! Download the app now,  get out there and make a difference!!



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