Looking At Storm Drains

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Hello my name is Elijah Allen and my small group project is about monitoring storm drains around Oakland High.

I also took the challenge to adopt a storm drain by my house and keep it clean. Since adopting and monitoring the storm drains I have noticed there’s a lot of trash, especially around the Oakland high storm drains, but mainly from cigarettes and plastics such as chip bags. A way to get rid of some of the trash might be to advertise non-smoking campaigns and to warn students and individuals about the hazards of smoking.

On the left is a map of litter we have documented with #ZeroLitter, on the right is a map of storm drains around the school.

I joined Earth Team because I wanted to make a change in how people view trash and find new ways to educate people and myself about recycling. Earth Team makes me see the world as a cleaner place and it shows me people actually care about their environment they are in. Before joining the internship I used to see everyone as pigs that dumped anywhere and everywhere they want. I think I associated that with America being known as pigs and slobs compared to other countries. Earth Team has made me a stronger, more conscious person in my community. One last things is the money they give us the end of the year is always helpful too!

-Elijah Allen

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