MLK Jr. Day Of Action – Richmond Greenway

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“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, what are you doing for others?” – Martin Luther King, Jr. 

On Monday, January 18th, Richmond High Marine Debris Interns gathered at the Richmond Greenway to support at the MLK Day of Action.

Interns worked to educate community participants about watersheds alongside Liza Dadiomov from the Watershed Project using the Watershed Model.

Here is what interns had to say about the event:

“On MLK Day I helped out at the Greenway by educating kids. We had a model of a watershed and we taught kids how water moves throughout a city and what would happen with pollution if it made its way into the water. It was fun working with kids because not only did I get to teach them something but I also got to see their enthusiasm which taught me that enthusiasm about learning something is good. The highlight of MLK day for me was being with the kids and being part of / contributing to my community.” – Valeria Rocha

“I contributed to MLK day by mulching, picking up litter, and seeing other interns teach other people about the watershed. One highlight was getting to have fun with the other interns while working.” – Areli Aguilar

“MLK Day was fun. I saw people helping their community. I took pictures of people picking up trash, making the place better. Being the photographer has taught me a lot about people. I get to observe people doing their jobs.” – Edgar Perez.

“I mulched and delivered mulch using the wheel barrow. When we were finished we went around picking up trash. One highlight was when we were walking around we found ideas that helped us know what we wanted for our outdoor classroom.” – Miguel Mendoza

“The purpose of the MLK event was for us to be part of an event that helped our community. The MLK event was also to get people to help out with fixing or growing plants. Everyone from EarthTeam was able to go and we worked all together to get things done while also having fun together. From participating in the MLK event, I learned that by working in a group you can get things done way faster than doing things on your own. At first doing my part in this event was hard and confusing because I didn’t know what to do but then later I got the hang of it and I started to have more fun with it. I felt very proud of myself for the work I accomplished on Monday because I tried my best to complete everything I did at the event. A skill I learned from participating in this event was working as a group to complete what we have to get done. Another skill I learned was learning how to plant different kinds of plants on the floor. My favorite part of the MLK event was being able to see all those people being involved in this event and doing their part to help the community. This was my favorite part because I’ve never seen a large group of people voluntarily choosing to help clean up or help grow plants in their free time.” – Ashley Segura


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