Native Plant Sale Success!


Last Sunday on May 3rd, San Lorenzo High hosted its very own plant sale with record-breaking outcomes! Over 250 people, mostly from the San Lorenzo area, came with overwhelming support and enthusiasm to partake in garden tours, lawn removal talks, “how-to’s” by Project Eat, homemade Mexican food by our La Raza club, and last but definitely not least, our very own Zero Litter Booth. At our table, we provided our guests with litter bingo, our Apple & Eve petition, some Q&A trivia, as well as our very first “Earth Team Zero Litter Tree” where you were able to tape up the litter you collected. Those who fulfilled these tasks were entered into a drawing for prizes ranging from gift cards to bags of tangerines! Personally, I ran the garden tour where I was able to share with the public of how the hard, persistent work of students and teachers transformed a rubble filled, demolished swimming pool into a thriving native garden. It was a truly fun and rewarding experience to receive positive feedback from the community and to actually be a knowledgable tour guide! Thanks to the 40 students who helped ran the event along with teachers and staff, San Lorenzo High raised nearly $2,600 in just a single day from plants grown and propagated by students for its Green Academy.

-Kevin Duong

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