Oakland High Campus Cleanup Reflections


On Wednesday, February 2nd, Oakland High interns gathered together to host their own Campus Cleanup. Weeks prior to the event they prepared; dividing into working groups to organize their event. At the end of the day, they collected over 8pounds of litter on campus in their litter hotspot areas! Here are some of the highlights from that day straight from the interns’ perspectives:

“During campus cleanup I was in charge of collecting data of the litter that was collected. I categorized the trash to have detailed data. This required good teamwork and communication because my teammates had to tell me what they picked up. I improved on my data collection skills at this event. In the future, I hope to have more time so we can cover more ground and improve the school community.” – Amy V.

“I was the camera guy, I also was part of the welcoming group. I got participants to liven up and be comfortable with the group. I utilized my leadership skills because I was able to get the group to cooperate with each other. Also stay on task while having fun. I an proud that we were able to pick up a log of trash from our school. One thing that could improve is getting more people involved.” – Ebo A.

“My role for the campus cleanup was picking up trash and putting it in the bag. We each did our own part to do the job as a team. One skill I developed this year at campus cleanup is picking up everything I see. Everyone can do that. We could be a little more on task next time.” – Henry V.

“My role in the campus cleanup was to talk about safety. I worked with my team to engage participants by naming off examples of things that shouldn’t pick up and what they should do if they come across those items. One major skill I developed from the cleanup was leadership. I had to speak up and make sure people understood because safety was a critical part of our event. One improvement we could all make is figuring out a way to record data in an orderly manner. We would just shout out what we picked up and it was hard to hear.” – Lizbeth M.

“My role in the campus cleanup was media. I took photos of the event. I wanted to capture memories that we did here at Oakland High. My partner and I also got a group photo that came out looking very nice. A skill we developed was teamwork and a great work ethic. I am proud of capturing great moments and seeing my classmates work hard at cleaning OHigh. One improvement that we can incorporate in staying focused and not stop doing our jobs. to reach this goal we will work as a team and inspire those to stay on task.” – Wendy C.

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“My role was to take pictures for the whole team. I asked the other interns to pick up trash, so we could have good pictures. I noticed lots of trash while using the tablets and everyone was really engaged with their tasks. I’m proud that I captured many pretty pictures. We should have prizes for participants who pick up more trash to be on task.” – Trong N.

“My role in campus cleanup was to be in charge of materials for picking up litter. I divided the team into two groups and handed out the supplies to them. The major skill that I developed was being in charge of all the supplies and making sure that they were all turned in at the end, One thing I’m proud of is seeing out teamwork during the event. One improvement we can make is having more time on our cleanup and going to the lake to cleanup.” – Zanin D.

“I was part of the safety team and what we did was tell people what not to do so they could be safe. I learned how to be a little bit louder when talking. We picked up 8.5pounds of litter. We could have more volunteers, by making the cleanup more public.” – Kahlil M.

“My role for campus cleanup was to oversee the discussion on our data. Angela and I asked the other participants various questions so we could get as much feedback as possible. One skills I uised for the campus cleanup was dedication, U used it to make sure we all planned accordingly enough that the event could actually be done. I’m proud that we actually followed through with the event. An improvement to be made is outreach. A way to accomplish this is telling our friends about what’s going on.” – Reginald Q.

“My role in campus cleanup was to record data and to do the closing. The only outside participant was Uriel, as we was already engaged in the past. One thing I am proud of accomplishing is that I was able to present something to the group after collecting and recording. An improvement we can make in future events is we can tell more people about the event so more people would show up. We can put flyers up or spread the work on social media or just talk about it around school.” – Angela M.


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