Pinole Creek Vegetation Monitoring Begins


Intern, Angeline Cayanan, and a beautiful Redwood.

Pinole Valley High Earth Team spent this week learning about environmental monitoring and its importance. Environmental monitoring can be defined as the systematic collection of data from air, water, soil, plants, and animals, in order to observe, study, and obtain knowledge from the process. This process is used by scientists in many different fields and is an aid in detecting negative environmental stressors and implementing the appropriate management plan. PVHS Earth Team interns will begin monthly vegetation surveys of a 1000 ft area along Pinole Creek, in order to monitor the the spread of invasive plants, and determine which native plants are still thriving, and which are barely hanging on. Interns hope that vegetation monitoring of this area of the creek near Pinole Valley High, will lead to a community wide restoration effort to improve the habitat.


Photo by intern, Sumbal Ghafoor.

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