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As we get closer to the end of the first semester, interns are preparing to launch their small group project plans to reduce litter from reaching the marine environment. After collecting data and forming connections between marine debris, the Lake Merritt watershed, and themselves, interns have started four separate plans to implement throughout the year to address marine debris. Interns Amy, Reginald, Wendy, Tamia, and Isabella share their process for their planned project at Oakland High below:

Today we conducted a litter walk at Oakland High near Lion Pool. We tallied the trash we saw which consisted of plastic wrappers, cigarette butts, a pillow, and bottle caps. We narrowed the litter to a specific marine debris litter and decided to create a campaign to reduce the amount of bottle caps on the ground.


We are going to either write a letter requesting for donations of reusable bottles or create a GoFundMe project. After we receive the bottles, we’re going to post posters to spread the word. Students and staff will get the bottles after signing a pledge. We expect this to be a fun way of decreasing marine debris while connecting with the school. This project is going to take some time, but we’re hoping to create a positive impact.

This post was written by Amy Voung


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