PVHS Earth Team Current Events

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Pinole Valley Earth Team is launching their first two school-wide events! Our goal is to educate and make a difference in our community. We plan to do so by hosting an invasive species removal event and creek clean up. During these past few months, Pinole Valley Earth team has acquired experience from various locations across the Bay Area, removing invasive species and conducting litter assessments. We are recruiting student volunteers and educating them on the importance of these events extensively through hands on experience.

The Pinole creek clean up, led by Sumbal Ghafoor, will be held on Wednesday March 29, 2017. In this event student volunteers will be aided by the Earth Team interns to pick up litter in and around our community. The next event is an invasive species removal, which is led by Allison Sugabo, held on April 19, 2017. In this event, students will be trained to identify and remove invasive plant species with the provided resources. With the help of our fellow volunteers we hope to see a positive change in our local community! lol(:

written by: Allison Sugabo, Angeline Cayanan, Jerlyn Nicdao





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