Reflecting on the Litter March

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One of the most important parts of planning a big event is reflection and celebration! Interns did just that for the follow up meeting where they discussed the challenges, successes and overall pros and cons of their event!

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Not only were we celebrating a great event, but it also happen to be Jenna’s birthday. Interns enjoyed pizza and brought their own snacks and goodies for a surprise celebration! It was a great day taking a bit of a mental break to think about the event, the year, and to just be together.

Here is what our interns had to say!

1. Do you think the Litter March was an effective way to spread awareness about Litter issues in Oakland? 

Litter Marches are a pretty effective way to spread environmental awareness because of the attention it attracts, the more audience it attracts, the more people are forced to face the problem. It also brings people together, but again, one litter march can only go so far, many creates a force.” – Cai 

“People saw us out there doing good things, and we took up their thoughts for at least two seconds. Some idea in their head that we should pick up our trash and look how much there is.” – Marie 

Yes, because it is visible to the people who are walking or driving by. For some of the neighbors, they can also see us through their windows. It also inspires young children like the ones who were looking at us.” – Chuyi

2. What did our team do well when presenting? How can we improve?

We got each others back if we get stuck or loss words. They’ll come in and help us finish the sentences.” -Huong 

“What we did well as a team was that we stood together and spoke loud and proud about what we were doing and why were doing this” – Peter 

3. What was your favorite part of the March?

My favorite part was meeting people who also cared about the environment and the fact that our chants attracted a lot of people (especially cars honking)” – Cai

Picking up the trash and seeing it go into the bag. Knowing from then on.. it won’t be floating around on our streets.” – Marie 

“My favorite part was planning for the march, working on flyers and brochures. Also making the signs.” -Julian 

I got to meet new people and work together with them during the Litter March. Also, the fact that a lot of people honked at us shows that they care. Some were even cheering outside their car window.” – Peter 

4. Was the day what you expected? Better or worse and why? 

“What I expected was for it to be boring. It was actually not boring at all, it was cool and I had lots of fun.” – Itzel 

5. Give three words to describe the Litter March?

“Enthusiastic, Joyful, Earthy” – Itzel 

A step forward” – Cai 

Fantastic, Awesome, Powerful” – Peter 

“Fun, exciting, empowering” – Brianna

6. What advice would you give next year’s interns about planning and implementing the Litter March?

Practice, practice, practice! Practice before you speak in front of the group. Focus on how fun it is, but now how dirty you are!” – Chuyi 

“Choose a location where people will notice and see the March, know and rehearse your speeches, and invite your family & friends because it will be more fun and you can teach them about environmental awareness.” 

“Just try to get as many people to go as possible, spread the word to your friends and classes if you can. Don’t make TOO many signs, half weren’t used. Get multiple megaphones, the march is too big for everyone to hear one chant in different spots.” -Nicole

Be ready to meet new people and be communicating with each other. Work together.” – Peter 

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