A review of AHS EarthTeam

Hi, my name is Aneha, a junior currently attending American High School in Fremont. A few months back, my AP Environmental Science teacher recommended Earth Team as being a great opportunity to invest myself into a field of study that focused on the importance of a healthy environment as well as the detrimental effects of litter. Recently, one of our activities included making a litter bingo card that other students could use to not only win a prize, but also to aid in the effort of having a clean campus and by doing so, understanding the damaging consequences litter may have. Before this activity was finalized, a few of our members as well as myself had to test out the card around campus with categories of items that we had come up with including plastic, metal, tape, and even pencils. Actively participating in this unique bingo game was surprisingly fun and the possibility of winning created an incentive that boosted the desire to pick up overlooked pieces of trash. Overall, the activity was a success and by doing this with tens of other high school student can truly decrease the amount of litter seen on our campus.

More recently on March 3, the members of Earth team at American decided to begin a survey to assess what other students and faculty at our school really feel about litter. Questions included how likely an individual would pick a stray piece of litter of the ground and whether or not this topic interested him or her. The survey allowed for a bigger opinion about this cause to be evaluated rather than just have roughly twelve members express ideas or concerns. So far, individuals are quite responsive in completing the survey due to how little time it takes and the simplicity of the questions themselves. These two activities are just a few of the many incorporative tasks I have taken a part in as being a member of Earth team. Before joining this group, I was that person who somewhat cared about litter and wildlife but would still not recycle or walk by a piece of litter on the ground. After my experience with Earth team, I am passionate about environmentalism and recommend joining this group.

– Aneha S.

A student catalogs litter on their campus using Instagram.
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