RHS Litter Assessment with Health Academy


On Friday, April 15th, EarthTeam staff took two Health Academy classrooms out to learn about how litter impacts their school and community at large as well as how to take action to reduce and prevent it.

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After a brief breakdown of EarthTeam, marine debris, what a watershed is, and how litter impacts health, we got into our action piece Рlearning how to complete a cleanup using Richmond High as our practice ground. EarthTeam interns helped make the time that much more fun! Interns took charge, taking photographs, supporting their peers in the cleanup by using their experiences to help their peers find large amounts of litter.

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We ended the day at the Outdoor classroom. Students reflected on their trash pickup, including their personal highlights from the experience and brainstorming how they can continue to make a difference. Students learned that they picked up 18 pounds of litter in just 30 minutes and a short walk on campus. After all was said and done, students were excited for more. It just goes to show that you never know how much of an impact you can have on others. I’m glad EarthTeam’s continues to be such a positive one.


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