Richmond Air Quality Interns Conduct Transportation Surveys

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The Transportation Action Plan (TAP)

Earth Team inters worked diligently in the data collection for the TAP calculator which, in short, calculates the pounds of CO2 emitted per week by forms of transportation. Inters are focusing on collecting data in order to create, lead, and implement a plan that will reduce CO2 emissions by persuading and encouraging students to use alternative modes of transportation but first, pizza!

The interns collect data such as, miles traveled to and from school daily, and mode of transportation. They will then input data into the TAP calculator which consists of an excel spread sheet that will then give students the ability to create graphs in order to run community outreach campaigns. Earth Team pushes to not only inspire students to create change but to also make sure they are using the proper tools to back up their movement towards a cleaner environment. Creating change in the environment such as air quality also improves health for example, by reducing the asthma rates in high vulnerable communities.


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