Richmond Air Quality Interns Share at a Bike and Pedestrian Master Plan Workshop

Air Quality Interns marking an intersection that feels unsafe to cross.

On Thursday evening, November 17th, the Richmond High School Air Quality Interns joined city planners, community advocate groups, and local residents to learn and share at the San Pablo Bike and Pedestrian Master Plan Workshop.


Increasing active transportation like walking and biking can be an effective strategy for reducing carbon emissions and particulate matter pollution in a city. At the workshop, the students learned about the upcoming EPA funded Greet Streets Project and shared their own experiences walking and biking in San Pablo. The interns scribbled notes on maps where they felt unsafe walking, where they suggested stop signs and lights are needed, and denoted other areas of concern. They also shared with San Pablo city staff about their own barriers to biking in the city.

The lessons from the workshop will be valuable in the weeks ahead, as the interns map bike routes to their school and attempt to inspire their classmates to use more active transportation.

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