Richmond Air Quality Interns Shine Light on Personal Emission of Carbon


This week, the Air Quality Interns at Richmond High School, taught each other about different ways people produce carbon dioxide, and other green house gases (GHGs). During the previous week, students worked in groups to research different activities and how much GHGs they produce. They learned that almost everything we do makes GHGs.

Some of things the students learned were surprising. One group of students taught the rest of the class that taking a 15 minute shower creates 6 lbs of CO2. Another group presented on air travel and calculated that around 93,000 lbs of carbon released is release from a plane trip to Mexico City. (That’s about the same amount as 15,300 showers!) Other groups presented on carbon produced by eating meat, charing your cell phone, lighting on light bulb, and driving a personal vehicle.

Next week the interns will examine their own daily routines to determine just how much carbon they individually create each year.


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Richmond Air Quality