Shoreline Festival 2016!

Pinole Valley High Interns at the Shoreline Festival at Pt. Pinole Regional Shoreline.

Pinole Valley High interns did an amazing job engaging members of the community about their local watershed through an interactive watershed matching activity game at the Shoreline Festival on October 1st. Community members were asked to match the correct habitat to the area drawn on a watershed map. The game aimed to teach players about the unique habitats in a watershed and how they are all interconnected. Interns also provided Shoreline Festival attendees with prizes and informational brochures.

Watershed Habitat Matching Game.

While interns were not hard at work speaking with attendees at the Earth Team booth, they explored the festival and learned all they could about the many other exhibitors at the event. After speaking to each, they were asked to share what they learned, and what they liked most.

Intern, Jerlyn Nicdao, helping youth attendees play the watershed game.

“I liked knowing that each person was passionate about something and was standing up for a good cause” – Shalvena Sharma

“I learned about how and where water pollution happens. I learned that a lot of things contribute to water pollution, but there are ways to prevent it” – Emily Banuelos

“Something new I learned after the Shoreline Festival was that rising sea level is very dangerous and many people who live close to the water can loose their homes.” -Andrea Merino

“What I enjoyed most about the Shoreline Festival was teaching/letting kids know what was a watershed” -Osvaldo Mandujano

“I liked how I was able to teach adults and kids about the watershed” -Alexander Cruz

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