Show the Creek Some Love!

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What a year it has been! Not only did we have a great time working with our San Lorenzo students, but they also got a whole lot done! Check out what our hardworking students accomplished..

During the 2015-2016 school year EarthTeam successfully led an internship program at San Lorenzo High School. Students engaged with their school through classroom presentations, campus cleanups, and tabling on campus. Off campus interns engaged with community members through their Ghost Creek Project, cleanups at San Leandro Marina and Oyster Bay, as well as neighborhood tabling, and delivering presentations to the Keep Hayward Clean and Green Task Force and the East Bay Regional Parks District. 14 students successfully completed the marine debris themed internship this year.

Interns met once a week with their campus coordinator Christina McGhee-Esquivel throughout the year after school on Tuesdays in a classroom on San Lorenzo High School campus as well as once a month as various Saturday field events or outings.

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Education and Outreach:

In the classroom, students learned about marine debris, their local watershed, and litter. Students learned how to collect, analyze, and utilize the data they collected to launch their litter reduction projects. After completing the first month of intensive litter collection, interns divided into groups to identify one specific litter type they would task themselves with reducing with their year long project.

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In addition, students worked at their partner site, Oyster Bay, with the East Bay Regional Parks District to host beautification events at a park that is currently undergoing updates to bring in more community members to enjoy the park. Students also tabled at root park after participating in a creek cleanup, completing a Ghost Creek art installation in the process.

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Service Learning Project:

Students settled on reducing plastic bottle trash by partnering with DRUIDS, the environmental club on San Lorenzo High campus, to purchase 100 canteens to sell back to their peers on campus as a way to get their peers to stop purchasing single use plastic bottles. In addition, students conducted in class presentations on campus to raise awareness about their projects and work throughout the year.

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Interns presented their work to the East Bay Regional Parks District as well as the Keep Hayward Clean and Green Task Force, sharing their expertise and offering recommendations for Oyster Bay as well as just how much of an impact the Keep Hayward Clean and Green Task Force is having in the City of Hayward.

Student Quotes:

In the final weeks of the internship, students reflected on their challenges and successes from the year. Some of the highlights included getting to meet new interns at EarthTeam field outings, completing outreach in the community, and learning how their work can make a difference, and learned to collaborate together to reach a common goal.

“We have completed many litter assessments in Semester 1. We first split into groups, got gloves, trash bags, litter pickers, and data cards and went to different areas to record our findings. First we started on campus and then branching out to San Lorenzo River next to our school. We would split up into groups along the main streets next to the San Lorenzo River and then meet up at Meek Park to discuss our findings. We used the data we collected on campus and off campus to create our litter reduction projects.” – Angelo H.

“A highlight of today was having volunteers come out and realize the tremendously positive impact of simply picking up litter.” – Naliyah M. (On-Campus Cleanup)

“The San Leandro marina cleanup went great. I had a lot of fun and met new people. We got a lot of other people to come to our event and had many people from different schools. Some challenges that we faced were lack of talking from participants. Next time we need an activity that we can do to get others to talk more.” – Edwin P.

“We had a lot of participants and we cleaned up many areas of the marina. Me and my team work pretty well after the cleanup my team had 4 full buckets of trash, which made this event very successful. We didn’t have many challenges. One highlight was I contributed to keeping the team on task.” – Lambardo M.

“My thoughts on ghost creek is great and how we’re able to do things and the knowledge it will bring to everyone and the community and I’m really excited for the art.” – Jamila M.

“This will be a good way to inform the public about the ecosystem right under their feet with beautiful, local, art.” – Raquel C.  (on Ghost Creek Project)

“The internship has been an amazing experience so far. I’ve met some really dope people and I’ve had a chance to educate myself about my environment while contributing to it at the same time. I’m excited for the events that have been planned like the Oyster Bay restoration and the overnight camping trip at the Park. I have a great opportunity to create memories and make friends.” – Tyler G.

Thank you to all our interns for their leadership, stewardship and service! Together we can create a greener future for all of us!


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