SUJA fuels Oakland High’s Litter Walk!

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On January 11th, Interns piled into the van to go investigate the second proposed route for our upcoming Litter March. Interns were visited by Kailyn Topper, Lead Brand Ambassador for SUJA a healthy, delicious, organic juice company based out of San Diego.

SUJA juice was the perfect treat for our interns to fuel them on their 3 mile litter pick up through the streets of Oakland. Just as last time, interns were keeping an eye out for 3 main things: group safety, traffic, and density of litter.

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Interns collected over 500+ pieces of litter from the walk, were thanked by multiple community members along the way (whom also received a personal invite to our March), and enjoyed the open space of the sidewalk compared to our last route. Needless to say, we had a 100% consensus that this 2nd route is much better suited for our upcoming Litter March.

It was a great opportunity having interns critically think about what aspects should be considered when planning the big community engagement event. Now that we have the site selected its time to start inviting our friends, family, and community!

If you would like to learn more about the Litter March and how you can be a part of it, please email .

Special thanks again to Kailyn and the SUJA company for being the extra fuel our interns needed to complete this amazing work! 

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