Teaming Up With #EMM For #ZLP


We’re over the moon for Every Monday Matters mission to inspire people to understand how much they matter, and empower them to make a difference, one action at a time. Each month, #EMM tackles a cause that needs a little TLC. And each week, they provide an activity to foster connection to that theme. This month, the theme is Green (as in environment), and this week, the activity is #ZeroLitter. It’s the perfect opportunity to for you to lead a Zero Litter Project campaign for healthier watershed. So tell your friends, bag some litter and discover how your actions make a difference for the earth and YOU, one piece at a time. #YouMatter

Want to learn more about leading a Zero Litter Project Campaign? Great! We we’re hoping you would. Join us Wednesday, April 29, 3:45-4:15 PST,for a Zero Litter “how to” Hang Out. Want to learn more about Every Monday Matters? Start with this video.