Trees, trees, and more Trees! Interns dive into the world of Urban Forestry!

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SLZ High is so fortunate to have one of the best native plant gardens in the Bay Area! Interns kicked off their Urban Forestry meeting with a beautiful tour of the garden from the tree man himself, Mr. Fishman. Interns learned about how this 1 acre garden use to be lap pools not that long ago! Mr. Fishman told a whole bunch of fun and unique stories about the garden and how it came to be, and interns enjoyed learning more about the nature that they pass by everyday. SLZ High is full of diversity but by the end of the tour, interns were catching on, learning how to identify the common tree species like Don Redwood, Buckeye Tree, and so on.

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Interns discussed the many benefits trees have when present in our cities like improved air quality, water retention, crime reduction, increased human well-being and so much more! After, they broke into teams to identify 3 unknown tree species using Cal Poly’s Urban Tree Key.

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Interns helped each other out, as they investigated different terms like opposite, toothed, alternating, needles, waxy, deciduous and so on. This is just a small introduction into tree identification, preparing for our tree inventory and planting coming up soon!

Here is what they learned! 

“I learned there are different varieties of types of trees” – Vanessa
“I learned that plants that don’t loose their leaves are called evergreen” -Daniel
“I learned that buckeye has a brown seed!” – Adan
“I learned that trees help there be less crime” – Kristine
“I learned that the biggest bay laurel in the world is behind the donut shop!” – Angelo
“I learned that there is more than just one redwood” -Charlie
“I learned that trees could be evergreen or deciduous” -Edwin
“I learned that plants have both shrub and tree versions of themselves” -Bahati
“There are some trees that don’t change with the season” -Russell

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