Urban Forestry Interns Try to Get Neighbors to Adopt a Tree!

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Last week Urban Forestry Interns hit the streets with their flyers and talking points about the importance of Urban Forestry. Their goal was to get 10 neighbors to adopt a tree to increase the tree density in their community. Even though we did not get a neighbor to agree- students were prepared, positive, and excited about the experience. Read more about their time canvasing in their reflections below:

“Last week, on Monday Jan 25, 2016, my group and I went neighborhood canvassing. We knocked on atleast 30 homes. It was really hard task because most of the time nobody opened the door or they would not be very nice. Our goal was to have atleast 10 residents sign up for a tree. However, we got only 1 ‘maybe’. I’ve never went out canvasing and I experienced it for the first time. I learned through this experience that I would not like to get a job where I would be canvasing. My favorite part, however, was experiencing this as a  group because although it was tough, we managed to pull through and laugh about it and not take it to heart”- Fabiola Guerrero

“Last week I went out neighborhood canvasing with our group who helped while others stayed at Wanless park spray painting the areas where the trees will go. We went all around the neighborhood knocking on their doors with hopes of people adopting a tree. But many people did not open their doors. I’ve never done neighborhood canvasing it was my first time and really exciting. I felt like I was trick or treating. My favorite part was knocking on doors and giving a mini presentation.” Diana Rodriguez


“Last week we went out to the neighborhood at Wanless park to ask people if they would like a tree planted in their property. I have never done this activity before. I learned that you need to have a good attitude and patiences when dealing with different kinds of people. My experience went well. I did not get any ‘bad’ neighbors unlike some of my peers did. My favorite part about last week is doing something different and learning about how to do this kind of project.”- Joanna Gudino


“Last week at Wanless Park, 2 groups were assigned to stake the site and others to go neighborhood canvassing. It was my first time deciding and coordinating where trees went from a map. I learned that I was in deed good at it, and I believe we were quite accurate. Even though, we had our differences trying to decide where every tree went, we came up a solution that was successful. My favorite part was looking at the results of our work. It felt great.”- Sara Gurdian


“Last week we went to Wanless Park to mark an ‘X’ on the spot where the trees are going to be put.  I have not done this before so I am excited to do this. I learned that choosing the most accurate spot where the tree goes is actually very hard, especially in a big piece of land. My experience was fun yet frustrating but I am happy that we got it done. My favorite part about last week was going to Wanless Park and view the before and after.”- Itzel Gonzalez


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