A visit to this year’s Oakland EarthExpo!

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Over spring break, a few of our interns joined together to take a visit to the annual EarthExpo event in Downtown Oakland. It was a great time interacting with other the community and learning the diversity in ways other environmental organizations are tackling environmental issues. Here was some highlights from our attendees!

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“The Earth Expo at Frank Ogawa Plaza in Oakland was an awesome way to meet new environmental organizations and learn more about what we can do to preserve the environment. One table I found interesting was a Sustainable Furniture Company. They use latex foam instead of the foam that is normally used in furniture because it is less harmful to produce and also does not require the same carcinogenic fire retardants. This makes it better for the environment a for ourselves. They also use organic fabric that does not create more harmful waste, or come from sheep that have been mistreated.”

-Sylvie, Oakland Tech Intern

I discovered a non- profit organization called Food Shift that really caught my interest. Food Shift takes donated foods that would’ve been wasted simply because of vegetable dis-shapement or for having a soft spot or two, and they use them to make dishes for the homeless. Food Shift, uses the potential of food recovery to address the systemic problems behind hunger and food assistance: poverty and unemployment.

Food Shift trains and employs individuals overcoming difficult life circumstances, such as incarceration, addiction and homelessness, creating jobs and addressing the problem of waste at the same time. Food Shift is a truly devoted and clever organization that helps the community find employment and solve the waste problem in the Bay. I plan to volunteer there sometime soon.

Britany, Oakland High Intern

There were so many awesome organizations at Earth Expo. Imperfect Produce is one of those organization that caught my attention. I learned that this organization is collection “ugly” fruits and vegetables that can’t be sold at the grocery store because they don’t fit grocery stores’ strict cosmetic standards, but the fruit and vegetable tasted the same!

Imperfect produce buy those weird shaped fruits and veggies and started a produce delivery subscription box all over Los Angeles and the Bay. I did research that every year, six billion pounds of fruits and vegetables go to waste on farms across the U.S. just for looking weird. All that wasted produce is sitting in landfills, where it releases methane gas into the atmosphere. I thought all of this was really cool, I never knew that this kind of organization existed. They are saving money for farmers and for our earth too. There is too much food thrown out every day and people don’t realize that it’s bad for our earth. Earth Expo is a fun event where I got to meet many organizations. The most surprising part was there was so many organizations at the event. So many that I didn’t get a chance to talk to them all. They are all different organizations but they attended the event with the same purpose.” 

Huong, Oakland High Intern

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