Welcome New Youth Advisory Board!


EarthTeam welcomed the third Youth Advisory Board this past weekend at the first meeting of the year. Comprised of nine students representing five East Bay high schools and one middle school, the Youth Advisory Board is posed for a very fun and successful year of leadership training and deepening their already impressive impact in their school and greater communities. They are passionate and full of bright ideas to help people collaborate and encourage youth and adults alike to have a more positive impact on the environment and their community.

Students in the Youth Advisory Board applied to be in the program in the Spring of 2013 where they demonstrated a deep commitment to the environment through action, advocacy, organizing and leadership in their communities. All of the YAB students take leadership roles in their schools, clubs, after school programs, in the classroom and beyond to help students make a connection to the environment. They will be working together on many projects this coming school year including supporting each other's local actions and events as well as organizing the annual EarthTeam LEAF Conference which culminates their YAB experience in the Spring. EarthTeam is incredibly proud and excited to be working with such pleasant and driven youth to help develop the skills necessary to create a better future for planet and people.

Get to know the 2013-2014 Youth Advisory Board members at the YAB weblink and follow @EarthTeamYab on Instagram to see photos and videos by the YAB members in action throughout the year.