Zero Litter Hallway Projects

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Zero Litter Hallway Projects are 3 week research project that gives interns and introduction to conducting independent investigations and exploring solutions to address an issue they decide to address. This year Oakland High investigated 5 different hallways on their campus, implemented solutions to try and reduce litter in their hallways, and discussed how they incorporate this work into a larger project as the year progresses.  Read below about Wendy’s small group hallway project:

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My Teammates and I went to the hallways and observed trash over a three week period as part of a Zero Litter research project. The purpose of this projects was to figure out what litter item was the biggest issue on our campus and to help us come up with project ideas for the rest of the year to try to reduce that litter. We took pictures of the trash and recorded all of the data.

Every team focused on a different hallway at school. My team focused on the music hallway. We chose this because many students hang out and eat food at lunch time and we thought we would collect a lot of data.

The other teams also had impressive data from their observations in other hallways. After we collected data, we wanted to see if educational posters would help reduce litter in the area. Many of the teams did persuading posters to convince students to make an effort to reduce litter on campus. Other groups tried moving trash cans to more strategic locations in their hallways to make it easier for students to throw their trash away properly. We learned that motivating each other and using positive reinforcement helped reduce litter in our hallways.

Wendy C., Oakland HS Intern


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