#ZeroLitter Project Webinar

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April 29, 2015 was our second webinar with San Lorenzo High and Pinole Valley High to discuss each other’s projects and share ideas. We were eager to have another Webinar to connect again. I felt totally confident about my commit to #ZeroLitter because I knew there were others around helping the Bay Area.

The Webinar discussion helped us as a team critically analyze our projects. For instance, Oakland High has been working on 3 different projects: Litter Around Storm Drains, Campus Behaviors & Attitudes Around Litter, and Cigarette Litter around Lake Merritt. After explaining our projects to the group and getting questions about each project, we learned that we could potentially improve our outreach around our campus about #ZeroLitter by hosting lunchtime info sessions and giving presentations to classrooms. We got to talk about how lack of rainfall has make our Storm Drain project more complicated since there hasn’t been much urban runoff observed but we have still been able to find interesting litter in our sample storm drains.

We learned more about San Lorenzo’s work on their campus to reduce litter from Apple&Eve Juice Boxes and has gained worldwide support with their Change.org petition and Pinole Valley High’s brochure project to help educate community members on ways to stop litter and ideas to promote awareness. We got to ask them about their projects and help them make their work even more meaningful for their communities.

I really like the webinar because it make me feel more connected to teens who also care about the environment as much as I do. I noticed that while doing the Webinar some of my peers felt uncomfortable presenting their ideas and projects to others because they were shy but overall we all enjoyed connecting with other groups. I think my peers will start coming out of their shells more as we continue to connect with #ZeroLitter Project Interns about our work.  Overall the Webinar is very ideal for high schoolers to share ideas and relate to one another through our favorite output, social media!

– Elijah Allen

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