Creek to Bay Day with FOSC a Huge Success!

IMG_1649On Saturday, September 16th, interns from Skyline, Oakland Tech, and Oakland R&D partnered with Friends of Sausal Creek and other volunteers to restore Dimond Park as their Creek to Bay Day activity.  It was an early wake up call for our first weekend event, but the turnout was great and the interns had a lot of fun!

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On September 16th, 2017 I was invited to come out for Creek to Bay day at Dimond Park in Oakland. This was a mandatory event for those who are a part of Earth Team and I was not so happy about having to wake up so early on a Saturday morning. Though, I did learn a lot through this experience and what Creek to Bay day was all about.

Creek to Bay is a day that Oakland volunteers and groups such as ours come out to clean up watersheds and restore creeks and parks. Many people came out on Saturday and it was nice seeing friendly faces of people I knew from groups at other Bay Area schools. There were several projects for people to participate in, even some activities for kids! I saw people gathering to start cleaning the park by picking up trash, working near Sausal Creek, and restoring plant areas. I was a part of the tree liberation team and I worked with others to free native plants/trees from foreign ivy otherwise known as invasive species.

Invasive species are foreign plants that pose a danger to native species by taking over the natural environment and not creating a safe/ open area for native plants to grow and thrive. This part was a group effort and required a certain amount of strength. The main planning organization, Friends of Sausal Creek, supplied everything we needed including the tools (I had to use the garden shears to cut ivy surrounding the tree trunk and the pick hoe to pull it away about a 5 meter radius from the tree).

It was hard work but I’m happy I came out to do it. It felt good to do something productive and helpful with my time instead of sleeping in and being lazy. It was a good start to my morning and I am happy I could be a part of this day.

Written By: Elise Luna


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