Skyline Interns Learn From the Best: Friends of Sausal Creek’s Jill Miller Visits the Classroom


As Skyline High EarthTeam interns continue preparation for their water quality project in Dimond Park, they get the opportunity to work with experts in the area.  At their after school meeting on Wednesday 9/27, the interns had the chance to hear a presentation from Jill Miller, Restoration and Education Manager at FOSC.  The enthusiastic interns learned about their watershed, Sausal Creek and its tributaries, and the primary threats to water quality in Dimond Park and Dimond Canyon.

Miller lead an exciting hands on activity in which the interns constructed their own small scale, functioning watersheds and were able to visualize the flow, collection, and outlet of water in the bay area and how different sources of pollution affect water quality throughout the watershed.

Following this presentation, the interns began to brainstorm the primary issues threatening water quality in Dimond Park, and embarked on the challenging path of developing a research question and setting up an investigation about the primary issue, pet waste.

Moving forward, interns will interact with park visitors to assess values and challenges, and will focus on the very real issues affecting their community, their regional parks, and the quality of the water there.  Check back in for more updates about the investigation soon!


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