Kennedy Interns Dive into Climate Change Education

Picture1San Francisco Bay Area engulfed in a cloud of smog.

For the Kennedy EarthTeam interns’ second meeting, they dove right into some pretty serious issues.  The interns focused on the issue of climate change, and spent some time thinking about air quality issues, more specifically.

The day began with an introduction to climate change as the interns watched this concise but thorough 15 minute TEDxTalk.

Following the introductory video, the interns discussed the concept and definition of climate change.  The conversation focused on differences between weather and climate, historical patterns of climate change, and most importantly the more recent trends of climate change that are due to anthropogenic, or human, causes.

Kennedy interns then brainstormed the different ways that climate change can effect them in their own lives.  They came up with an incredible list, including: rising temperatures and more extreme temperatures, increase in frequency and severity of natural disasters, sea level rise, droughts, forest fires, and human health consequences.

This conversation lead to a more specific focus on the exacerbating effects of climate change on air quality issues, particularly in urban centers like the East Bay Area.  Kennedy interns viewed a map showing the density of Diesel particulate matter around the East Bay Area, and were shocked to see how serious these issues were in their own homes.Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 11.09.31 AM

Interns then brainstormed ways in which to solve these problems, and one of the main strategies they came up with was to increase awareness through climate change education and outreach! What an incredible idea!

Moving forward, Kennedy High interns will put their ideas into action! Next week, they will create an educational activity, and on Saturday October 7th, they will present it at the North Richmond Shoreline Festival to increase awareness about climate change issues in their own community.  Stay tuned to hear more!



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