Watershed Health Assessment at Oakland LPS!


On September 26, 2017 Oakland LPS Earth Team was introduced to the Watershed Health issues in their community and conducted a watershed litter assessment on campus and the nearby creeks.  Students were shocked to find out the ways that waste effects the watershed and how far litter can be spread through the water system.  Below are some of our members experiences that day:


Olga:  I felt relieved and joyful knowing how we could make a change in our unhealthy watershed. And how we could protect our community and animals. Being able to make a change in our community could be very helpful and healthy. As in protecting our aquatic animals from being harmed. The major pollution me and my partner found while assessing our watersheds was paper and water bottles. Making a prediction that maybe the students who attend the school could have dropped the paper and the water bottles. And may not have noticed that it could harm our community and not taking in 22095533_10210841608893359_207507523_oconsideration to pick up their garbage. Something I loved about the assessments was that we worked in a team like switching roles as in I picked up garbage for some minutes and then switched roles with my peer and took notes on what garbage we collected throughout journey and I also liked how we had to communicated in order to complete our task. In which it was to collect a certain amount of trash to improve our unhealthy environment near the watersheds. The Lesson of the day for me was that the most simplest thing can change our environment healthy or unhealthy. As in throwing away just a simple cigar onto the floor to the biggest thing as in cleaning up after yourself. It can make A huge impact in our community.

Kim: To me it felt inspiring and unique seeing just how much the littlest things can turn into big impact. It was so much fun I got to work on art and seeing everything come to life within seconds. Watersheds are very important and now I see how much of an impact in can have if it’s really unhealthy and how it can easily come into my everyday life. The major pollutants I found was mostly from plastic since most of the food we eat is mostly wrapped in plastic. By far my favorite part has got to be the time we went to the creek. We were able to see so much and it was a great bonding experience with my  group member as well. 22070251_10210841608933360_1260708019_oAlthough it was something and completely scary we learned that it was mostly coming from the people who either ate different kind of foods and are lazy to throw it away there was no trash can there. So when there wasn’t a trash can people found other ways to deal with things and that was to throw them down into the creek. And we saw all of this we saw so much trash mostly plastic and it was leading into the sewers and that was part of our watershed and just thinking of how bad things could get if they got worse then our watersheds would be completely polluted. I had fun and also learned a great lesson small things can still affect you in a very big way.

Ramona: I never thought that there would be a bigger life and more experience outside of my phone and those books I read about romance and anime.. I’m going to admit to something at first I wanted to join the earth team because I would get to make my own money but now my thoughts have changed. If you were to experience what I experience when working on waterways and how it affects us and our Little sea animals..I wasn’t shocked about all the trash we picked up and found because I know that I’m one of the people who is too lazy to go find a trashcan and we throw our trash on the floor. I was shocked about every little piece of trash we threw that ended up affecting  the sea animals. when the rain washed away all that trash and it when into drains and into the ocean.I never realized that every little thing we did could make just a huge impact and a negative way..as small as something looks don’t forget that the impact can be huge. If we want peace and a world we’re we all are happy with we should all start by cleaning it..the world around us is our home not just a planet we’re we all created happy and sad memories in this home of ours…If we want to make a difference first we start by changing ourselves  and making our home(earth) a place where we can all enjoy and feel welcomed in. If we take care of our environment I’m sure little kids will be thankful and have more fun because they will finally will be able to enjoy a place we’re they don’t have to worry about making them sick or having to use hand sanitizer because of how many bacteria there is around us..if is not for us at least we should make a change for the little ones, the children who will learn from us. What do you want your children to learn from you? Do you want your children to be different or do you want them to follow society today?

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