Anica’s Thoughts on her Second Year as an earth Team Intern


I am super happy to be a  repeating intern with Earth Team. The internship allows me to be with people who take action to better their environment and their communities. As an office intern,  I miss being around my peers. I’m very used to being around the program coordinators. Since that’s the case, going to events with other interns is really fun because I get to participate and also learn about why people joined Earth Team. The motivation to enroll differs among all of us and the end result is a cool group of people I get to spend time with.  

As an intern for Earth Team I have improved my organizational skills, increased my interacting confidence, and have become more aware of those invested in taking care of our world. This year I hope to be more involved in what the after-school internships are doing and continue to meet new people.

It’s gonna be a good year.


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