Community Outreach at the Richmond Shoreline Festival


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The shoreline festival was an event where members of the community could talk with organizations who all generally had an environmentally friendly focus. Earth Team attended the North Richmond Shoreline Festival with Kennedy and Richmond High. Kennedy interns worked to make a balloon popping game to teach kids about the effects of climate change. We dedicated a series of days to cutting and gluing facts to reach our final product ~ a beautiful, interactive poster.

My favorite part of the event was being able to walk around and see the other organizations. I find it really cool/a little inspiring to see a bunch of different people who are enthusiastic and have an agenda to better the environment. The variety of tables portrayed the number of  relevant issues that we have to face as we continue into the future. I like to imagine that someday we could somehow combine all those tables together and get everyone to think critically about all the changes we see today.

For next year’s festival, I think it would be cool for Earth Team to include something to give to people who visit our table. I believe that the act of receiving something tangible is not only rewarding, but also a memorable token to offer people we reach out to.  

I really enjoyed the event and working with other interns leading up to it. Working along-side people my age reminds me that there are students who care about what I care about.

-Written by Anica, Albany High Intern


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