Survey Trial in Downtown Oakland


On October 24, 2017 the Oakland LPS Earth Team headed back to downtown Oakland to run a trial on the survey they had been working on, which was meant to assess the publics knowledge about the effects of cigarette litter on water ways and the Terracycle program in Oakland.  Students were challenged to approach community members on the streets during rush hour to try to convince them to participate in the survey.  This day proved to be a learning lesson.  Many people were unresponsive and seemed uninterested.  The team plans to improve in their communication, pick a more approachable time of day, and get back out there for their official survey day on November 11th.  Below are several accounts of the interns’ experiences:


Screen Shot 2017-10-24 at 1.28.00 PM
Flyer Created by Nayeli

“Interviewing people was not really a successful experience, because people didn’t want to be interviewed.  But this actually helped me out to know whats going on around me.  The fact of knowing heat not all people care about the environment makes me feel worried about what is going to happen in the future.

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Flyer created by Evan

I would like to have more experiences like this one, because they help me to to learn to communicate with people and know how I can make my environment a better place”. -Laura


“It was an okay experience because it wasn’t as successful as I thought it would be.  There were many people who would ignore us and walk by or not let us finish and say no.  Others didn’t have time so we didn’t get as many people to take the survey as we would have liked”. -Guadalupe

” My experience was neither good or bad.  The people seemed to be busy though.  We need to work on our communication for next time.”            -Jocelyn


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