Weekend Workday in the Rain

IMG_2018.JPGAntioch High Earth Team suited up in ponchos to do restoration and water testing in the rain.  The group of environmental leaders from Antioch High School is focusing their effort this semester on restoration in the Upper Sand Creek Basin.  They spent this particular Saturday testing water at various locations along Sand Creek.

The water in this basin flows in from Sand Creek as well as from South Antioch storm drains.  The youths hypothesized that the storm water and urban runoff flowing into the basin would have very different water chemistry than the stream flowing out of the basin.

The students lead the day’s research project on water chemistry throughout the basin, finding surprisingly promising readings for metrics like pH and temperature.

Interns plan to return to the basin many more times throughout the semester to repeat their water testing procedures and to collect enough data to hopefully draw some conclusions about the function of the basin at purifying water beyond protecting residents from flooding in extreme rain events.

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