Building Partnerships at Oyster Bay

FullSizeRenderSkyline Earth Team and San Lorenzo Earth Team joined forces to help make Oyster Bay Regional Park a more beautiful place! The two teams of environmental leaders worked under the direction of Pamela Beitz of East Bay Regional Parks.  She taught the team how to identify Stinkwort and Pampas Grass, and how to effectively remove both invasive species from the restoration area.

The interns focused their invasive removal efforts on an area of the park that is being converted into a community disc golf course, which is a project that will draw visitors to the park and increase awareness for issues of restoration and the environment in the East Bay.

The whole team spent some of the day removing juvenile plants before splitting into two groups to do more challenging work.  One group of youths worked together to remove massive clumps of adult Pampas Grass, using their combined strength to dig through the strong, tangled roots.  The moment when the largest grass was pulled was a moment of shared victory!

The other group of interns scanned the park for fallen buckeye seeds from established buckeye trees.  They then learned how to plant the buckeyes beneath a couple of inches of soil after digging through the tangled leaf litter on the surface of the ground.  The team of gatherers was able to plant 50 buckeye seeds along the southern edge of the disc golf course and are looking forward to coming back to the park in years to come to see how their trees grow!

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