Collecting Bugs in Sausal Creek

Skyline High- Baetidae- small minnow mayfly.JPG
Baetidae, or Small Minnow May Fly, collected in Sausal Creek Watershed

An expert on benthic macro-invertebrates, or bugs, has been helping Skyline Earth Team collect samples and inventory invertebrates throughout Sausal Creek Watershed. Interns have spent recent weeks testing water at different sites along Sausal Creek, and these tests have included benthic macro-invertebrate inventories.

These tiny bugs can tell us big stories about whats going on in the creek!  If many different varieties of invertebrates are found in a sample, it means that a stream is functioning to a good extent.  Certain species are more sensitive to stream conditions, so finding those species is even more exciting.  Finding a range of invertebrates, including some that graze on algae and some that are predators, shows researchers that a food web has been established in that particular ecosystems.

Skyline Earth Team is working on a project to protect water quality and stream biodiversity at Dimond Park, and sampling benthic macro-invertebrates provides great insight into what’s going on in the watershed!

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