ORD Develops New Protocol to Assess the Waste Issues at MLK Shoreline


For the past two weeks LPS Oakland Earth Team has been on campus working diligently to develop protocol that they can use for next semesters project where they will be tracking the movement and accumulation of litter as it flows from the upper Peralta Creek headwaters to the creeks drainage point at the Martin Luther King Jr Shoreline in Oakland.

On December 5, 2017 interns left campus and headed to MLK shoreline to practice their new and improved protocol.  As with anything new there are always obstacles that arise.  Interns found difficulties in creating measurable segment areas, but have sense forth developed a solution that problem.  Interns found that some of the new instruments were more difficult to use then they imagined and since then have taken the time to master the use of each tool.  Environmental experiments take time and precision and through much practice and trial and error the team has been able to identify and form a solution to any short comings they have had.


As the instructor it has been a very proud few weeks for me watching them struggle but persist.  They are taking true ownership of this project and we are excited for a productive and hands on second semester.

In addition to conducting litter assessments along Peralta Creek, the team will be tracking water quality as well.  This Saturday they will be partnering up with the Skyline High’s Earth Team who will be training them to perform water quality tests while they train Skyline on the new litter assessment protocol.



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