Kennedy Earth Team's Vegetation Monitoring at Davis Park

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This week’s after school meeting took place at Davis Park where the Kennedy Earth Team continued their vegetation monitoring project. The interns have been working with an application called Calflora to identify and record occurrences of certain native species. This week, they observed Cottonwood, Toyon, California coffeeberry, Coyote brush, Coast live oak, and Buckeye.

All of the interns have steadily become more confident identifying native plants. They compare plants they see in Davis Park with their plant guides, examining the size, shape, and color of leaves, branches, fruits, and flowers to correctly identify each subject. The students have noticed the challenge conducting vegetation monitoring in December because some plants are inactive in winter, or look different than they would during the spring or summer.

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At this meeting, the Kennedy Earth Team and the Richmond High Earth Team shared their projects. The Kennedy Earth Team students explained their plant identification methods and pointed out a Buckeye for the Richmond High team!

The Kennedy Earth Team will continue vegetation monitoring in Davis Park next semester. Hopefully the team will begin to see new native plants as they emerge throughout the spring. Some students are especially interested in seeing Sticky monkey flower!

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Kennedy interns enjoyed a beautiful sunset after walking through Davis Park logging their observations.


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