First Semester Wraps Up!


Skyline High Earth Team wrapped up the semester nicely with a successful, but windy, weekend event with the Oakland LPS Team

The group of young leaders spent their final weekend event at a training event at the Martin Luther King Shoreline, during which Skyline students trained Oakland LPS students how to test water and Oakland LPS students lead a training on shoreline litter assessments.

Students enjoyed partnering together, despite the extremely windy conditions that made the project a little challenging!  The difficult conditions built a strong partnership between the schools, and at the end of the event two Earth Teams joined together into one, committed to improving Martin Luther King Shoreline through litter removal and scientific monitoring.

This weekend event was followed by a final reflective meeting, in which all Skyline interns contributed to a pot luck and took time to reflect on the first semester.  All around, the team was pleasantly surprised with how positive and friendly the dynamic of the team is.  Individuals who were concerned about feeling isolated expressed the feelings of companionship and inclusion they felt as a part of Earth Team, and the group is excited to continue the momentum moving forward into next semester.

Love and Happy Holidays from Skyline Earth Team!

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